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Body Mapping at UNLV

Body Map

We each have mental maps of our body’s structure, function and size. When these maps are accurate, we move well.

Body Mapping

We can become aware of our body maps, and we can change inaccurate maps. This improves movement and helps avoid injury.

Students at UNLV have a unique opportunity to study Body Mapping, a cutting edge approach to oboe technique using current research about anatomy, neuroscience and movement studies to help oboe players improve more rapidly, avoid injury, and enjoy sustainable, healthy careers. Dr. Stephen Caplan is recognized internationally for his pioneering pedagogical work. He is in demand as a clinician, and has published two highly acclaimed books for oboe players.

Body Mapping was initially developed by Barbara Conable, a world renowned Alexander Technique teacher. She trained a network of musicians, called Body Mapping Educators, who now actively work to put music education on a firm somatic foundation. Impressed with her book “What Every Musician Needs to Know about the Body,” Dr. Stephen Caplan received a Sabbatical Leave from UNLV to pursue private study with Barbara Conable and in 2004 became a certified Andover Educator.

UNLV offers coursework for undergraduate and graduate students that focuses on musicians’ health issues, including physical, psychological and hearing health:

MUS 480 The Healthy Musician, 2 credits

MUS 748 Music Wellness: A Survival Guide for Teachers and Performers, 3 credits

Dr. Caplan is Director of the CFA Clinic for Health and Injury Prevention, and founded and Chairs the UNLV College of Fine Arts Consortium for Health and Injury Prevention.

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